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Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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I’m sure somewhere in heaven there’s a corner booth 
where all they do is sit and talk ‘bout what they didn’t do; 
all the places they didn’t go and the times they said no, 
just to get to where they’re sittin’, lookin’ down on the world,

she said, “Oh god, I know the type. 
Always so god damn worried about what’s right. 
Always treating life like it’s getting in the way, 
been alive a hundred years but didn’t live one day.”

She said, “There’s nothing more than now that’s not illusion. 
So I never worry much about what I’m losing.” 
She said, “I love God, I hear him in my music. 
And when the people dance, I can see him moving.”

I don’t think that I’ll be punished just for living life, 
so I won’t try to get it right. 
I’ll let it go.

I don’t know what happens if I break a rule tonight, 
or where we go when we die, 
so I’ll let it go.

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this is absolutely my most favorite

The first one ashfjafhd

for real though this is completely my favorite ever

I can’t decide if I’d want my husband to cry or be like damn look at this fine lady….both.

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